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Zaycon Grilling Planks and "Cookies"    
These unique gourmet blended planks provide new taste sensations with helpful instructions on how to get the most out of your grilling experience. In addition, we have added a set of grilling cookies (just released to the market) and two flavors of grilling papers which are both special in their own right giving you unlimited smoke possibilities.  
Blended Wood Pack Includes:      

2 Chicken blend planks
2 Pork blend planks
2 Fish blend packs
2 Beef blend packs

One (10 pack) Cedar Wraps
One (10 pack) Alder Wraps

BBQ Grilling Cookies (6 different flavors)
Instructional Trifold
All shipped to you!

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    Cooking on a plank is a great method for improving the flavor of any meat, poultry, or fish. The smoky flavor that is created is a technique used by many of the better restaurants in the country to add that extra flavor sensation and now you can do the same. 

The key is to soak your plank in water or even juice such as apple for a couple of hours minimum to thoroughly penetrate the wood. This will allow your meat to completely cook before the plank begins to burn. You should always have a spray bottle with water in it to use just in case to keep the board from catching fire. The smoldering is good since that is what generates the smoke but you don’t want the plank catching fire. 

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