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Refund Policy


We warrant that all food products sold and delivered by Zaycon Foods will be fit for consumption and free from spoilage and damage.


Please open and inspect each case of the specific food product the same day you receive the product from Zaycon Foods. If, upon close examination of the contents, you find the product to be damaged, spoiled or otherwise inedible, please contact our customer service department by phone immediately to discuss your options. Due to our unique delivery system, our ability to replace your order will vary based on the location of our nearest truck and its supply. Since bringing fresh food to your family will always be the most important thing to us, we will do our very best to remedy each individual situation.


From beginning to end, we want you to understand the vision behind what we do. We understand that busy parents have a lot to do every day, which is why our convenient delivery system is so great! We do ask that you work with us in getting your products to you.Specifically, we ask that you remember to pick up your order during our scheduled event hours or arrange for someone to pick your order up for you.

We work hard  to promote a "no food waste" alternative which is why orders that are not picked up will be held for a short time while we try our best to contact you and deliver them. If we have done all that we can to contact you and are unsuccessful, the product will be donated to a food bank or charitable cause at the end of the day.

Nonetheless, we understand that unexpected emergencies or accidents can and periodically do occur which may ultimately prevent you from picking up your order. Therefore, we have instituted an improved policy for the benefit of our customers who might find themselves in this circumstance.  This new refund policy for orders that have not been picked up is as follows: 

An email notification will be sent for all orders not picked up at the time of scheduled delivery.  Please contact customer service to discuss order credit/refund options.   

Note:  There may be a 10% restocking fee applied to any credit card refunds


We regret that not all experiences with our products can be excellent, but we do recognize and understand that Zaycon Foods is not for everyone...because not everyone has the same taste preferences. We are a zero waste company, in the office and in the field. Therefore, we can offer you an option to donate your order to any 501(C) charity in the name of Zaycon Foods if you are dissatisfied with the flavor, texture, or if you have any other subjective reason for dissatisfaction. Please contact our customer service team for details if you feel this applies to your order.

Note: This option is not valid for products that are damaged, spoiled, or of otherwise inedible quality or condition rendering them unsuitable for human consumption. Refund and adjustment requests must be received within 30 days of the pick-up date on your receipt.




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