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        The Zaycon Milk Club Is Here!


Why in the world would I spend $5.99 for a gallon of milk?

Well, you won't! Better pricing coming with the launch of the Zaycon Milk Club!

The first thing to understand is that this is not ordinary milk. The Zaycon Milk Club was born out of a simple need….to have a better, healthier choice of milk to drink. America’s access to milk is limited to either regularly heavily processed grocery store milk or heavily processed, expensive Organic milk in the Organic section of your grocery store. Under more and more scrutiny, processes such as Homogenization, High Temperature-Short time (HTST) Pasteurization and Ultra- Pasteurization are becoming unacceptable to milk lovers, especially those with digestive sensitivities to dairy products. With the exception of some micro dairies around the country offering raw milk, access to milk as nature intended is quite limited. The goal of the Zaycon Milk Club is to give America access to good milk. Please look over our FAQs here for more information on commercial milk processing.

The Farm

Why has Zaycon Foods chosen to offer milk from Spokane's Family Farm?

Mike and Trish Vieira started Spokane’s Family Farm with extremely high standards. Those standards have been adopted by the current owners, the Roylance family, as well and we couldn’t be more confident in their expertise. They operate their farm on a very personal level and love to be involved in the process every step of the way. Between calving, growing non GMO feed, feeding the herd, milking, testing, and bottling, this family loves what they do.

Once we discovered how good the milk is, how the farm aligns well with the quality goals of Zaycon Foods, and how great the owners are, it was a perfect fit!

Order and Delivery

How do I order and how often will you be in my area?

This is the fun part. On our website you will soon see a link called "Zaycon Milk Club". You will have the opportunity to join the club and ensure that every two weeks you will have milk brought to the location as outlined on the order page.

This program is a whole new process for those familiar with Zaycon Foods. Our normal method of ordering will not be best for milk as it is a very different product than our other favorites.

Starting out, we will have limited locations and quantity but that will change as we work closely with the farm to ramp up production. It is critical that this is handled properly so the farm can accommodate the increase without being overwhelmed. Another factor that requires our careful consideration is that your demand from the farm is kept at a consistent level. Once you start milking a cow in the rotation, she doesn’t have a magic off button.

Because of our sensitivity to the farm’s needs, demand for this high quality milk will be underserved. We will have many people wanting to reserve an order in the Zaycon Milk Club but will be required to wait until production is increased. Our plan is to open new locations for our customers to join the club before we actually deliver milk to that location. This is a big factor for us to know what demand is there and how soon we can bring deliveries to that area.

Please note that we will NOT require a credit card number to join the club and reserve an order in areas we are not yet delivering milk. Once and area is opened you will notified and be given time to activate your order reservation by then placing the order with a credit card.

We will be offering you the option of having an order that consists of either four gallons or two gallons to be brought every two weeks. Each option will be available for a three month pre-purchase or six month pre-purchase. The best price will be available at the four gallon six month order.

Pricing details will be posted shortly


Does milk from Spokane's Family Farm use any hormones that boost production?

Nope! Commonly known as rBST, or rBGH, these hormones are not used in any part of the farming practices at the farm. Also, there are other substances that are not officially called hormones that can mimic the same effects as those mentioned above. These are not used either.


Is milk from Spokane's Family Farm labeled "organic"?

Deciding whether or not to be certified organic was not an easy decision.Even though many of the practices at Spokane’s Family Farm are higher than typical organic standards, there are downsides to having the certified “organic” label.

First and foremost is cost. Being a certified organic farm is very expensive and would ultimately result in higher cost for the consumer.

Secondly, in the US, if a cow becomes sick on an organic farm there are few options for treating her illness. In fact if a cow becomes ill on an organic farm and is treated with antibiotics, she has to be sent to a commercial dairy or the slaughter house.

So what about antibiotics ending up in the milk? When a cow on Spokane’s Family Farm shows any indication of illness, she is immediately isolated from the herd and tested. If she needs treatment, she is given proper veterinary attention which may include medication and remains isolated not only until she is healthy but until her milk is absolutely free of any antibiotic or medication residue. In fact as part of the high standards held at the farm, every milking batch is put through a battery of stringent tests before bottling. These tests are for any harmful pathogens as well as antibiotic residue.

Grass Fed

Are the cows at Spokane's Family Farm grass fed?

The short answer is: YES! Grass has myriad benefits for the cows and for the nutrient content of their milk, which is why Spokane's Family Farm grows all their own feed. While the primary diet of the cows is grass/hay, the farm does supplement with a few specific grains to provide additional needed nutrients for the cow. It is not a matter of cost cutting to supplement with these grains. The daily routine of these cows requires the grain nutrients and energy to be content and healthy.

Unfortunately, calling cows “grass-fed” has become another tactic used to market milk in the premium category. Many "premium" milk dairies will claim that they are 100% grass-fed, inspiring an image of a contented cow munching away in a sunny pasture of endless green grass. While these cows have access to grazing pastures, hay is also provided to them ensuring feed quantity is always sufficient. And as by definition hay is grass, a farm can claim their herd is 100% grass-fed. Grass sounds a lot more impressive than saying "We are 100% hay-fed" (See below for more feed info under the breed-of-cow Q&A)

GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms)

Is the feed provided to the cows free of GMO's?


Breed of Cow

What breed of cows are providing the milk from Spokane's Family Farm?

Holstein cows are the breed of choice for providing milk for the purpose of drinking and cooking. The Holstein cow provides the best balance of cream content. While the Jersey cow is more readily recognized in the premium milk category, Spokane's Family Farm recognizes that whole milk from a Jersey cow would require additional processing to reduce the cream content down from 5-6% so it is enjoyable by the average family.

The whole milk from Spokane's Family Farm Holstein cows is a minimally processed 3.5% milk fat product. If this is too rich for your liking, you can have a little fun with it too. (See the cream separation section below)

Color of Milk

I've been told that the more yellowish the color of the milk, the more nutrients it contains from being grass-fed. Is this true?

The feed provided to the cow is only one factor. The fat content, size of fat globules, and the breed of cow also contribute to the color of the milk. In a nut shell, grass feed is only one cause of yellowing in milks color. And color is not an absolute measure of nutrition.


Does Spokane's Family Farm pasteurize their milk??

Yes! This is a favorite topic of the folks at Spokane’s Family Farm because they are proud of their specific method used to keep the milk minimally processed yet safe. Through a unique “low heat” pasteurizing process, the dairy slowly brings the milk up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit for a 30 minute period. It is then rapidly cooled, immediately bottled, and loaded for delivery. The folks at SFF are so meticulous that the vats are hand scrubbed after each batch. This is a critical step in providing the fantastic shelf life.

This old fashioned pasteurizing process ensures no harmful pathogens exist, while still keeping the living cultures that make milk such a valuable foodstuff. It is just another reason Zaycon Foods has confidence in Spokane’s Family Farm.

Other pasteurization processes, as we mentioned before, are done with speed and efficiency as their motivators. High Temperature Short Time (HTST) pasteurization takes milk up to a high temperature for a short period allowing large volumes of milk to be processed quickly.  Ultra-pasteurization heats milk to a temperature of 285 degrees under pressure to prevent boiling and in effect sterilizing the milk. we have found that Ultra pasteurization is common with many large organic dairy providers.

We would much rather deliver fresh, new milk to you every two weeks than offer a six month shelf life with milk that has questionable nutritional value.
Raw Milk Products

Why is Zaycon not offering a raw milk product?

Raw milk has become very popular around the country as folks want a healthy alternative to commercially processed milk. While we will not argue whether or not it is a healthier alternative to processed milk, some things must be considered. Many states do not allow the sale of raw milk while others regulate it heavily. This makes it impossible for Zaycon Foods to serve our delivery areas throughout America if we offered raw milk.

Secondly, here in our home state of Washington, there have been cases, thankfully few, of people becoming very ill because of e coli and similar pathogen contaminations in purchased raw milk. We understand raw milk has been consumed for thousands of years but we must recognize why Louis Pasteur developed his process; to protect people from illness, which was commonly caused by milk consumption in his day.

Understand that this is a passionate subject of Zaycon's but especially of the farms as well. The method of pasteurization used by the farm is the closest there is to maintaining the benefits of raw milk while protecting you and your family from possible effects of contamination.


Is the milk from Spokane's Family Farm homogenized?

No! Never has been, never will be!

This very well could be the number one reason the American people are starting to seek out alternatives to commercially processed milk. Out of all the topics regarding dairy products, we urge you to do your own research on this more than any.
Homogenization was adopted by the dairy industry to create a product with a consistent flavor, color, and fat content that could be reliably produced in large volumes across the country. By homogenizing milk, a production chain could mix the milk supplied by a wide variety of cow breeds, fed with a wide variety of feed, and still end up with a consistent product.

Imagine for the sake of example that if a naturally occurring milk fat particle was the size of a basketball: if you use high pressure (2000-3000 psi typically) and force the milk through small holes, breaking up the fat particles, you create fat particles the relative size of marbles.

Homogenized milk is NOT milk in its natural form. And it’s not milk you’ll ever get from Spokane’s Family Farm or Zaycon Foods!
Since neither we here at Zaycon or the good folks at the farm are not going to make claims that this milk is going to be your healing answer to all that ails you, we encourage you to do your own research and learn what is being discovered about how our bodies try to process homogenized milk fat.

Vitamin Fortification

Is your milk vitamin fortified?

Only by nature! Milk, and particularly milk fat, contains essential vitamins. When processed to lower its fat content, (say from 3.5% down to 2%) milk also loses substantial amounts of fat-soluble vitamins. In an attempt to replace the nutritional value of the milk, commercial dairies will fortify the milk. We ask: would you prefer these vitamins come from the cow...or a machine? Unprocessed, whole, non-homogenized milk keeps the nutrients in their natural state, just the way the cow intended.


I have picky eaters in my family, what about the taste? Is this milk going to taste just like the processed milk we buy in grocery stores?

Most likely you will taste a difference. In the best of ways! If you have never had raw milk, you will certainly notice the difference. Zaycon’s milk is similar to good old fashioned raw milk. As many of us at Zaycon drink the milk, we find that it is not only more accepted by the family, but even becomes a craving, especially for our children! They ask for milk rather than juice and soda! We have found that our perception of milk has changed from it being a beverage to more of a whole food.


Is your milk warehoused for long periods of time?

Our model at Zaycon Foods has always been to bring you the freshest possible foods. There is no reason to change that now! Not only do we bring it straight from the farm to you, we take special care to avoid the milk being exposed to light, as this can affect its freshness. The official "SELL BY" date on our milk is three weeks, and we have enjoyed the milk well past that limit without noticing any degradation.

So no, it’s not warehoused for a long time! Here’s the breakdown:

• Cows are milked to a no-light holding tank
• Milk is tested
• Milk is low heat pasteurized in a no-light vat
• Milk is rapid chilled again in total darkness
• Milk is bottled
• Milk is loaded on our truck and taken to your pick up area

And interestingly enough, our trucks are giant refrigerators, just like the one in your kitchen; the lights go out when we close the doors.

Cream Separation

What's the best way to separate the cream?

Since this milk is produced as drinking/cooking milk, with the option of using the cream separately, there is a slightly different process for separating the cream.

The cream line that forms after long settling periods is less distinguishable than non- homogenized milk that has been pasteurized with higher temperatures. Also, other breeds of cows have a bit more cream that it may be easier to detect with them.

Pouring the milk into a clear container with a bottom spout easily allows drinking the milk without disturbing the settled cream. Many Customers already buying this milk use an ice tea type pitcher with a spout at the base to store their milk. By allowing the milk to settle and drink off the bottom of the container , can enjoy a 2% or less milk to drink and use the cream for homemade butter, ice cream or whatever your "inner chef' can think of. Also we have customers who have purchased small counter top cream separators to make things a little handier and fun.

Budgeting and Group Buying

My budget just won't allow that expense or I don't need that much milk. What are my options?

No Problem! Team up with a friend or neighbor and share your crate. Though the whole family may drink more milk than your budget allows this is a great way to keep your kids drinking healthy milk and you can cook with less expensive milk.

Shelf Life

What is the shelf life of this amazing milk?

What a great question! Thank you for asking. The official "Sell-by" date is three weeks from the bottling day. Those of us at Zaycon that drink the milk with our families have enjoyed it well beyond that date. The reason the shelf life is so long is due to the farm's superior sanitizing methods. They make it a point to scrub and sterilize the vats after each batch. This eliminates the residue carry over which is a source of bacteria. The more bacteria left in the milk, the quicker it goes bad.

KEEP IN MIND, the milk itself is full of living cultures (the good kind) and needs to be refrigerated. Many of us are used to commercially processed milk that can withstand temperature variances in the refrigerator. In fact, an interesting tidbit in the history of milk in the U.S., when ultra-pasteurized milk (the kind heated to 285 degrees) first came on the market; It was NOT refrigerated because it doesn't need to be. It is basically sterilized. Since the general public didn't like the thought of non-refrigerated milk, producers placed it in the cold dairy section of your store. As a result, a good portion of the milk you can purchase today can be left in the pantry until being opened!

Our milk is not cooked to death therefore it must be kept in a refrigerator below 37 degrees. Enjoy!

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